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The bath fittings and accessories market is valued at 18 bn in 2008 it is expected to reach INR 40 bn in 2012. Market is dominated by the organized segment.

All types of sanitaryware (toilets, urinals, cisterns, wash basins, pedestals and bidets) of vitreous china/ceramic, plastic or metallic materials and baths (of acrylic, metal and other materials). The key markets for bathroom sales are housing and contract/commercial, in both the public and private sector. While new build housing is significant, replacement of bathroom suites in private housing represents a key market sector.

The report provides a brief overview of the market including the estimated market size, growth rate and revenue split between the organized and unorganized segments. An analysis of drivers reveals that increasing urbanization, increase in disposable Income, growth in real estate sector, growth in hospitality industry, improving awareness is driving growth in this sector. The key challenges identified low demand in replacement market, market restricted to urban areas, bathroom size in India.