Market Research India - Bath Fittings and Accessories Market in India

Bath fittings and accessories market is valued at INR 18 bn in 2008. Expected to reach INR 40 bn in 2012 market the market is 55% organized market is mainly concentrated in urban areas. Drivers Challenges: Increasing urbanization market restricted to urban areas Drivers and increase in disposable income low replacement demand and small challenges. Growth in real estate sector bathroom sizes growth in hospitality industryincreasing awareness level among consumers.

Market is dominated by the organized sector market overview market size and growth and bull. Bath fittings products in India have evolved from a low involvement functional product to INR bn +22% 22% 40 a lifestyle statement 40 bath fittings market is growing on account of: 30 18 Rapid urbanization 20 Rising income levels Rising income levels 10 Increasing awareness level 0 2008 2012

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